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LimeFX Forex Broker: Currency & CFD Trading Online


There are many account types proposing different trading conditions. 500-dollar deposits are for basic LimeFX accounts as described above. Expensive LimeFX plans start at 5,000 dollars for their initial deposit.

Free, intuitive web trading platform and mobile app for traders on the go

  1. I can’t say that it significantly affects trading, but this fact prevents me from trading.
  2. Traders need to press the “Up” button for the supposition of climbing prices and the “Down” button if the prediction is for prices to plummet.
  3. So we may no longer delay, let us take a look at the LimeFX negative reviews.
  4. The service provides the most famous trading platforms in the industry.
  5. It is available for all the users, even not registered ones.
  6. Such is a tell-tale sign of a possibly legitimate broker.

In general, they were written by people who do not mind working with LimeFX, while thinking that LimeFX has some areas to improve on. Firstly, traders are protected by the Investor Simulator. Secondly, traders can work with a professional analyst to reduce instances of unpredictable results. At the same time, traders are made to understand their liability or responsibility for the results of their trades.

Standard Account

Should the trader lose, LimeFX returns all the funds. The safety net is all too necessary for beginners, quite a generous gesture from the broker. The money is thus returned to the client as a bonus. I don’t want to work with such annoying managers. The minimum deposit is high for many. Also, there isn’t a mobile application.

What is an STP Broker?

I don’t have a VIP account, so I didn’t have a priority, but this fact doesn’t bother me. https://traderoom.info/is-limefx-forex-broker-a-good-choice-for-trading/’s trading conditions range from average to outstanding. Traders need only a minimum of 500 dollars to start trading.

I don’t see any reasons to trade with this company. I tried to do it, withdrew my first deposit, and now I am not going to work with them. These pertain to entities offering a set of services and products to clients LimeFX, as already made apparent, is a broker.

LimeFX Forex Broker: Its Many Offers and Services


The trader is only provided with a professional analyst. LimeFX clients are privy to a selection of Live Trading Accounts to tailor fit into the trading experiences of the traders who might be signing up. People who write neutral reviews are usually more objective. That’s why they are the most truthful.

Below, you will find some general pros and cons of this company. CQG is the next generation of trading and data visualization from the original data and analytics expert you’ve trusted for more than 40 years. Today, we are going to answer, “Is LimeFX fraud or not? ” Naturally, basic information about LimeFX takes front and center. The criteria for recognizing dishonest brokers take a secondary spot, with it linked directly to LimeFX’s scrutiny. Currently, the website is only available in English and Russian.

Additionally, they are given an opportunity to have real profit as if it were in a real account. Leverage increases income and risks by a certain number of times. The foregoing reviews prove that LimeFX is not, in any way, a fraud. The first one only pertained to “annoying managers,” a pricey minimum deposit, and the absence of a mobile application. Slow withdrawal processes became subject to another complaint—none of these paint LimeFX as a fraudulent, scamming brokerage. LimeFX Silver accounts provide personal analysts to traders to aid them to understand financial market situations to lead them to the most appropriate assets.

Traders might find it useful only for checking the updates on their accounts and the market, not actually for trading. If you search the Internet for LimeFX customer reviews, it is likely that you will find two different kinds of opinions. These are negative and positive commentaries. It is interesting to note that there also are a lot of blogs that write paid reviews about services. We managed to find many websites that promote similar slander.

The questions thrown around are valid, to be honest. These are understandable because no one wants to lose money. Everyone becomes wary when it comes to their finances.


Bollinger Bands and Moving Average step up to the cause. Using the RSI indicator, traders can predict future trends with utmost effectiveness. With https://traderoom.info/ STP, the broker can guarantee the most honest price, with it being similar to the price of financial instruments sold by other intermediaries.

Brokers working with STP technology serve up numerous advantages to their clients. For example, LimeFX gets prices from market makers such as banks and other big players. A prominent consideration here is the number of liquidity providers made available. Finding a reliable broker is getting more complicated every day.


A relatively small amount, 500 USD, is enough to cover possible initial losses. But as with usual trading, the more money traders have, the more significant the trading turnout for them. In comparison to other brokers, however, such is not so attractive. Nonetheless, LimeFX delivers something notable from it as the said amount is enough to cover transaction costs and buy substantial assets. Reviews can help us understand the advantages and disadvantages of the LimeFX Forex broker and ensure that it is not a scam. Usually, people say certain brokers are scammers, if these really are.

Many people cluck their tongues and shake their already made-up heads when the topic of LimeFX crosses their path. LimeFX scam is a phrase most often heard. But as this write-up makes clear, the phrase is an ill-conceived idea stemming from a misunderstanding of how Forex trading works. Worthy of note here is LimeFX’s regulation by the CFTC. A reliable regulator by all definitions, CFTC is sanctioned by the United States government. This is not a scammer, but I want a faster withdrawal without having to get a VIP account.

July 11, 2024

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