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Balayage basics & benefits: Understand the fundamentals of this hair painting technique, and why it's so popular.
● Color theory & product selection: Learn how to pick the right lighteners, developers, and toners based on your client's hair type and desired outcome.
● Freehand & foilage techniques: Master the core balayage application methods – both freehand for a natural look and foil-assisted ('foilyage') for added lift and control.
● Advanced options & troubleshooting: Get creative with ombre balayage, babylights, and learn how to fix common balayage mistakes.
● Color correction & toning: Understand how to tackle unwanted brassy tones and choose the perfect toner for achieving the client's desired shade.
● Live demonstration & Q&A session: Get real-world insights by watching a pro perform balayage and get your questions answered directly.
● Resources & community access: Receive valuable lists of recommended products, technical glossaries, and gain access to supportive online communities of hair professionals.

How You’ll Learn
● In-person: Get hands-on training with an instructor.
● Online: Learn at your own pace through videos and tutorials.
● Blended: Combine the best of both worlds with online learning and in-person workshops.
The Goal
This course aims to equip you with the knowledge and skills to create beautiful and customized balayage looks, boosting your confidence and attracting new clients.

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